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It is my professional mission to provide high quality personalized common sense health care to all from birth through death.


I value the opportunity to be your guide through the most challenging times of your healthcare - to manage the physical, mental, and emotional struggles for you and your family.   I have a unique perspective to understand how the dynamic of one's family - those we surround ourselves with - and our community - impacts our ability to take care of ourselves.  I am privileged to provide information and recommendations so we can choose a path that fits your needs and goals.  While we live in an age of enormous information and options, it is vital to be able to distill that volume and breadth into what is well researched and then translate it in applying to you.  I find it greatly important to start from a baseline of good diet, exercise, sleep and stress management first - then employ medications and treatments in my goal to help you strive for your best health.  We all have health issues over time - our mission is to get you through those times utilizing the extraordinary and rapidly changing medical knowledge base available in a compassionate and caring fashion. 


One of my dearest joys over the last 20 years has providing reproductive health care and delivering babies - it is a crossroads for women and partners/families that changes our life pathway.  It is a transition time like no other and brings its own set of health changes physically, emotionally and socially. , I treasure the being present, for the whole of that experience, with a woman and her family to be source of both calm encouragement, information and advice and technical expertise that gets a healthy mom and baby back home again. 



Welcome to Embrace Family Medicine & Obstetrics

Striving for your best health!


Jen Schroeder, MD


Dr Schroeder was born and raised in a small rural town in Ohio.  She trained in Austin, TX and has practiced in Rogers, AR for more than a decade.

She loves the ocean, reading fiction, cycling, her 3 girls -Zayne, Quinn & Jade- and dear husband Matt.

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